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Bright and Bold: A Look at the Colour Trends for Interiors This Year

If you’re looking to give your home a fresh makeover this season, there are plenty of fabulous colour trends that will help enhance your décor and bring life to any room. From sultry berry tones to warm neutrals and sunny pastels, splashy shades have taken centre stage in interior design this year, offering homeowners bold yet sophisticated looks that can brighten up the atmosphere or create cosy vibes depending on the space.

In this blog post, we’ll explore how these vibrant colours can be used for every type of style – from modern minimalism to rustic charm – so you can create an eye-catching scheme no matter what look you want for your home. So grab yourself a cup of tea (or something stronger!) and let’s dive into how bright hues are helping people revamp their spaces with one simple change!

Which Colour Trends Ruled 2022?

In 2022, cool blues, sandy yellows, and fresh mints were the hottest colour trends. Creative minds took a break from predictable pastels, embracing more untraditional shades for their projects. As such, navy blue walls became increasingly popular in residential homes for their calming effect – a reminder of the beach shoreline. Sandy yellow complemented these deep hues with an added touch of brightness and joy.

We also saw green come into its own with accents of minty greens creating a bold look when paired with both natural wooden elements and accent pieces in stark black or white. Together, blues and greens formed a serene colour palette that was a profitable trend all over the globe.

Colour Trends Set to Rule 2023

Infusing bright colours throughout your home

Infusing bright colours throughout your home can completely transform a living space – creating a vibrant, lively and inviting atmosphere. Colour is an easy way to add personality and interest to any room, without the need for expensive furnishing or renovations. A coat of teal or mustard paint on the walls will instantly make them stand out while adding a few pops of spring-like hues in statement furniture pieces or decorative accents can brighten up any area. With its ability to energize an entire house and bring joy to any home, it’s no wonder that playing with colour is becoming more popular than ever!

Using bold tones to make a statement

Home decor is a great way to express yourself and make a bold statement without saying a single word. Adding bright pops of colour or incorporating wild patterns into the home can really bring it to life, showing off your creative side. If you want to really make an impact, using tons of bold tones throughout the space is sure to do the trick!

Whether it’s introducing jewel-toned furniture, such as velvet chairs, and navy blue sofas, or adding some daring art pieces with bright reds and yellows, there are various options for creating a unique and memorable aesthetic. Whatever direction you decide to take, incorporating tasteful yet bold elements will leave no doubt that you have an eye for design!

Monochrome and colour blocking 

The use of colour is an expression of one’s individual style that has the power to dramatically transform a space. Bright colours, bold patterns and unique textures make any room look alive and vibrant. Monochrome, or the use of one single colour in decorating a room, can help you create a unified, aesthetically pleasing look while colour blocking offers more of a contrast that can introduce different layers into the design. By incorporating monochrome and colour-blocking techniques into home decor, you can bring new energy to your living space and create an environment that perfectly conveys your individual personality.

Pastel accents

Bright and cheerful pastel accents in home decor can bring some much-needed brightness to a living space. Whether you opt for pale green baskets, yellow throw pillows, or pink vases, the possibilities with pastels are endless when it comes to creating unique looks and customizing your room. In addition to adding a splash of colour to any area, it’s also easy to mix and match different shades of pastel items and accessories to create amazing combinations that will brighten up your home in completely new ways. Pastel accents can really take any room from mundane to magnificent in no time at all!

Geometric patterns are making a comeback

Interior designers are increasingly turning back to classic, geometric patterns for modern home decor look. Designs harking back to Art Deco and mid-century modern styles are gaining renewed popularity in furnishings such as armchairs, wallpapers and throw pillows. With the use of geometrics, homeowners can inject just a hint of pattern into their existing rooms, creating a timeless look that won’t go out of fashion any time soon. Whether it’s bolder looks like diamonds or hexagons or subtle ones incorporating circles or squares, geometric patterns provide a look that will bring sophistication and style to any home. These patterns fall under the umbrella of popular art styles, adding a touch of artistry to home decor.

Picking wallpaper for instant visual interest

Adding wallpaper to a room can take it from dull and uninspired to jaw-droppingly eye-catching in an instant. Carefully selecting a wallpaper with bold colours, unique patterns or an interesting texture is necessary for the maximum impact. Opting for a strong floral design can be a statement-making addition to a space. Striking geometric designs are also excellent choices that come in many colours and materials so you can find the perfect match for your favourite room. Wallpaper comes in many shapes and styles, so no matter what kind of aesthetic you’re going for – whether minimalistic, farmhouse chic, hygge-inspired or modern and sleek – there’s something out there that will make it look even more stunning.

Earthy interiors

Interior decor with an earthy flair can add a great deal of comfort and style to any home! Utilizing natural materials like wood and stone, warm colours, and organic touches like plants and handmade artwork, it’s easy to create a cosy atmosphere that will make any room feel inviting. Wood furniture and simple linens are some of the staples of the look while adding accessories such as dried flowers or river rocks can give your living area a unique touch. With elements both modern and rustic, you’ll have no trouble finding ways to incorporate earthy interiors in your home for a timeless yet chic result.

Unique ceramics

Alt. text: A Variety of Ceramic Vases

Ceramics can add colour and life to your home decor. An unusual ceramic piece can completely transform the look of a room, adding a unique touch and standing out from more conventional pieces. Whether you choose a traditional vessel or something more modern and eye-catching, ceramic creations in all shapes, sizes and glazes are sure to bring colour, texture, and character to any part of your home. For those looking for an online experience that connects artisans from around the world or wants to enjoy their local craftsmanship up close, ceramics make for excellent decorative ideas!

Persian rugs

Persian rugs make great statement pieces for home decor that give you the chance to introduce a bit of history and culture into your living space. Their intricacies vary beautifully, ranging from pieces meant as a tribute to historic figures or legendary battles, to vivid floral or geometric designs. The exquisite styles of Persian rugs add a special flavour to any room in the house, depending on how one pairs them with other elements such as furniture and artwork. They come in all sizes and can be used to soften hardwood floors, add ambience and colour to neutral interiors, or act as an eye-catching accent that brings out the best of their surroundings. Either way, Persian rugs are sure to add an air of elegance and distinctive flair to your decor design.


Trying one of these vivid trends in your own home might be just the change you need to welcome in the new season. Whether it’s painting an accent wall, revamping your furniture or simply adding some bright accessories, a little bit of colour can go a long way. Are you ready to take the plunge and add some bold hues to your space?

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