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Mediterranean-Style Interiors: The Design Style Breaking Through This Year

Interior design has become increasingly diverse in recent years, with homeowners wanting to bring unique styles and personal touches into their homes. One of the most popular emerging trends for 2023 is Mediterranean-style interiors – combining Old World charm and eclectic elements from across Europe, Africa, and beyond.

Adding a touch of exotic flavour that’s still minimalistic combined with plenty of warm, inviting materials makes this style an excellent choice for any homeowner looking to add something special to the look of their home. This blog post will explore how Mediterranean-style interiors can transform your interior décor while bringing an interesting twist to traditional design!

What Is Mediterranean Interior Design Style?

The Mediterranean interior design style is a timeless favourite, offering warmth and distinct character to any room. It’s based on traditional elements of European countries such as Italy, Greece, and Spain and takes inspiration from rural farmhouses, seaside cottages, and sun-drenched villas. This style features natural materials such as terracotta tiles and stone walls with mixed airy white elements.

Naval accents like oars, medals or anchors also bring a nautical feel to the Mediterranean decor. The Mediterranean aesthetic is enhanced through ancient artefacts like rugs or tapestries hung on the walls and rustic furniture to fill the spaces. This classic look can make any home feel warm and welcoming while adding sophistication.

Key Elements of Mediterranean Interior Design Style

Mediterranean interior design style draws heavily from classic Italian, Spanish, and Greek cultures. It brings in the look of coastal villas and whitewashed stucco walls that are typical of the area. The rustic yet sumptuous decor elements include plush fabrics combined with metals for both rustic and glamorous accents; marble in warm natural hues combined with cerulean blues and cool whites; intricately patterned tiles in bright colours; and warm earth-tone accents such as terracotta. Big windows provide plenty of natural light, complemented by wrought iron chandeliers for extra lighting.

Finally, greenery is important for bringing out the organic feel of Mediterranean design with lush plants, from pretty flowering shrubs to potted cactus indoors. This style offers a balance between sophistication, luxury, comfort and tranquillity to create a truly serene but chic atmosphere indoors.

Colour Palette of Mediterranean Interior Design Style

Mediterranean interior design style typically showcases warm, sun-drenched hues that evoke the rustic but refined character of the landscape. These include olive green, terracotta and royal blue. Accents of saturated jewel tones, such as deep purple and burnt orange, add a sense of depth to a room from this style. Neutrals can also be used in this type of design, like sand beige or classic white, adding texture and interest to balance the bolder colours. Furthermore, gold highlights the warmth and sophistication of this style while adding an element of elegance to create an inviting atmosphere.

Influences on Mediterranean Interior Design Style

The Mediterranean interior design style has had some strong influences over the years. The style is rich in tradition, from Italic and Roman architecture to Andalusian country homes. These influences have been further enhanced by Arabic, Ottoman and Greek elements, allowing for a unique look while maintaining its classical core.

Plants such as eucalyptus, lavender and jasmine are often included to help evoke a feeling of comfort and natural beauty. Colours tend to be bright, emphasising terracotta, olive greens and bright blues, adding a vibrant pop of colour that helps bring life into any room with this design style. Overall, the influences on Mediterranean interior design make it a versatile yet classic choice that stands out among other styles.

Materials Used in Mediterranean Interior Design Style

The Mediterranean interior design style is one of earthy warmth and rustic elegance. It emulates the opulent architecture and culture of Greece, Italy, and other countries around the Mediterranean Sea. Natural materials like stucco, terracotta, marble and travertine tiles line hearths and walls, punctuated with pristine white window awnings and trims.

Ancient mosaics are often used to mimic classical murals, which can be found in foyer floor entries or on sunlit kitchen walls. Dark wood furniture is the key material used in this style, as its chiselled edges give grandeur to simple spaces. Uplifted iron beds with white duvets keep up with age-old European traditions, while modern fixtures are cleverly fused with past themes. Subtly painted patinas reflect a touch of fun into an otherwise stately look for this inspired interior design style.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mediterranean Interior Design Style

Mediterranean interior design is a beautiful and timeless style, but it isn’t without drawbacks. On the plus side, this style provides spaces with an elegant look through its use of natural stone materials and earthy colours while also inviting relaxation due to its cosy textures and warm shades. Additionally, as many Mediterranean decor elements come from historical references, they can help give traditionally contemporary spaces a more classical feel.

Despite these positives, using too much of this style can overwhelm certain areas in your home with décor, making the space appear cluttered and bringing poor energy flow. You’ll need to carefully consider how you mix traditional furnishing pieces with modern accents to maximise the best of both worlds and create the perfect balance within each living space.

Applying the Mediterranean Look to a Room

The Mediterranean look is a timeless style known for its vibrant hues and elegant design. To apply this look to a room, start with a neutral background, such as light tan or beige walls. Pick durable yet comfortable furniture – think rattan, wicker, and unfinished wood. Add a pop of colour with brightly-coloured natural fabrics such as yellow, red, blue and green.

Consider adding nautical touches such as scented candles with sea breeze or coconut scents, or coral-coloured art. Finishing touches include metal sculptures of boats or framed landscape paintings – to exude an atmosphere of adventure in the Mediterranean Sea! With just a few key pieces and thoughtful styling, any room can be transformed into a Mediterranean paradise!

How to Incorporate Art and Accessories with Mediterranean Style

Redesigning a home in Mediterranean style helps to bring the feeling of the Old World into your abode. As this style celebrates luxuriance and grandeur, décor pieces like wrought iron furnishings and hand-painted terracotta can highlight its aesthetics. Soft-painted walls, such as peachy apricot or distressed whites, set a canvas for the array of artwork that can be hung throughout the house.

Tapestries cushioning headboards and sofa backs bring drama to any floor space, while natural woods like chestnut provide further warmth to the room. For larger art pieces, use sculptures and ornate wall plaques that boast classic Mediterranean imagery like flowering vines, goddesses or mythical creatures. To finish off a Mediterranean-inspired environment, include house plants or a small fountain to create an outdoor atmosphere within your living area.

Tips for Choosing the Right Furniture for a Mediterranean Room

When outfitting your Mediterranean-inspired room, selecting furniture is an important step in creating that homey, inviting atmosphere. Look for natural wood, rattan or straw jute pieces to blend in with the coastal decor vibe. Opt for warm tones in muted shades of yellow and burnt orange – these will add a hit of vibrancy to the space without overpowering it.

Balancing shadows, light and colour is an integral part of creating an authentic Mediterranean ambience – try adding some brighter statement pieces if needed, but don’t go overboard. Large woven baskets can be used to store blankets or books while giving the space a rustic touch at the same time. These simple tips should help you choose the perfect furniture selection for your cosy Mediterranean room!

Final Thoughts on Using Mediterranean Interior Design

Mediterranean interior design is an incredibly versatile form of decoration and furnishing. It can bring life, elegance and warmth to any room, creating a laid-back yet luxurious atmosphere that can be further enhanced by complementing furniture styles and accessories. Few other design styles can offer such a unique look and feel to a home or business space, making Mediterranean interior design one of the more popular options out there today.

Whether it is implemented in the colourisation of walls, in the selection of fabrics and drapes, or using things such as genuine vessels and artworks from the region itself, it is clear that adding Mediterranean charm to your decor will make any room warm, inviting, beautiful and definitely unforgettable.


After reading this post, hopefully, you will feel inspired to bring some Mediterranean style into your home décor. This design style is unique and eye-catching, but most importantly – it’s fresh. It’s a perfect way to update your home without spending a lot of money or going through a complete renovation. And who knows? Maybe this time next year, you’ll be the one inspiring others with your beautiful Mediterranean oasis.

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