A 21st century re-creation of Duchamp's 3 Standard Stoppages

The three films below and their soundtracks are combined together to create the film you see above – The Human Tide.
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Stoppage 1 - Background. East to West.

Stoppage 2 - Middle ground. West to East.

Stoppage 3 - Foreground. East to West.

Human Tide at Herne Bay

In 1913, the artist Marcel Duchamp spent a summer in Herne Bay in the UK, where he arguably conceived his most transformative piece of work, "3 Standard Stoppages". One hundred years later, as part of the I am not Dead festival, Syzygy and Unique together with partners decided to recreate 3 Standard Stoppages for the 21st century. Human Tide is the result. A tribute to Duchamp's work of "canned chance" and a world first in film making.

Watch the Making of and Learn more About the Human Tide.

Remix the Human Tide

As part of the Human Tide project we have created a "digital tide" – a set of data points created by people walking behind the lights recording their locations with GPS. This data is available to the creative community to adapt, build on and rework into their own Human Tide.

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